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Hey guys! I've recently been getting notes asking me permission to use my art for references for their drawings, cosplays, etc. This journal is to tell you that YES, FEEL FREE TO USE THEM AS REFERENCE FOR ANYTHING, EVEN WITHOUT ASKING as long as you give me credit (and link me somewhere) wherever you are posting. The reason for this is that I hate not being able to reply promptly to your notes/DMs. I do not check my messages regularly and I do not want you to wait for 2 weeks for a reference permission. 

If you DO use my art for anything, please let me know and give me the link! Because I would really love to see all of them! All in all, I am just happy that my artwork can inspire others to create their own :) It's all that I can ask for. 

If you have any questions and want a response within 24 hours, please e-mail me at

Have a wonderful day!

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While everybody else thinks the new year is a time for renewal, commitments, and redemption (possibly, idk), I think it just means that you are getting older. Time is running out and you've got one less year to figuring out what you want to do and what you want to be. I wish I could just turn immortal and never age (I gotta stop reading Percy Jackson, lol). Well, think about it, how many commitments have you made in the early year that have stayed until December 31st or better yet, stayed until the today? Exactly--zero. I could think of better ways to spend my time by not using them to figure out my commitments for a new year--such as sleeping.

But all I am trying to say is, I am not excited for the new years just like everyone is. I think it's just a usual new month disguised as something different; something that would make us feel, commit, and promise more but do nothing about it.

Hurray, it's winter break. No more studying until mid-January. Which means I can now goof-off and be completely lazy for a month. I have no idea what to do now.
So I am finally able to log on to my DA account since I moved to Lubbock, Texas to pursue my degree in Mathematics. Apparently, amazing things happen when you try to study for your finals -- like being able to log on to your long lost account. The semester is almost done and I FEEL AWESOME. Okay, time to study now. Bye.
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Hi people. As you can see, I'm currently procrastinating. I'm supposed to be studying, well, Chemistry, Physics, Civics, and Maths. But I'm not going to do them, instead I'm writing unimportant stuff on deviantart. I think it's awesome.

So school's going to start in six days from now. Great. I'm still living in dream land when all I need to do is eat, sleep, watch TV, read good books, goof around and do other fun stuff school obstructs. I wish I could find a way to stay like that forever. But then I realize, it would be when I'm a granny. Guess life is never fair.

I have no more to write about. So okay, bye.
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So yeah, I'm in the 3rd year of High School now.
I haven't decided what university I'm going to apply for.
But at least I've picked a major - Business.
I don't have any interest in other majors. So yeah, business.

I need to get a scholarship or something because I don't have money LOL.
I'm so very hoping I can get one.

Wish me luck, guys.
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Hi DA.
= 3= I've made this account 3 months ago but started to actually use it today D:
I've been on DA for more than I year I think :3
But I didn't bother to join b'cuz,,

'till nao 'm still confused.

Nao whut?